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Friction Materials

What is most important to us? It is F.C.C.’s dedication to R&D and technical sophistication, shown above all in its attention to friction materials. In particular, fine paper-based friction materials pass required performance standards by being produced in-house starting from the paper-making. We do this because it is the quality of the friction materials that lie at the very core to determine clutch performance, remaining in the background while their quality determines performance.

F.C.C. goes beyond mere compliance with environmental regulations to pursue such development and production process technologies as a zero-waste production system that eliminates the waste produced in clamp molding.

Evolution of Friction Materials in Response to Needs –Friction Materials for Automobile Automatic Transmissions -

Friction Material Manufacturing Process – Paper Friction Materials

F.C.C. manufactures paper-based friction materials in its own facilities, handling everything from sheet-making, to resin impregnation and hardening, to friction sheet attachment. In-house processing allows F.C.C. to “work its will” on friction performance.