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Research and Development Policy

Segment Disc Manufacturing Process

The segment disc manufacturing process has led to extensive increases in clutch production efficiency and the quality of the clutches. Process efficiency and material yield have both undergone noticeable improvements through pressure bonding of core plates with friction materials in tape form.

Clutch Housing Manufacturing Process

F.C.C.’s clutch housing manufacturing process is a unique production system that streamlines the pressing and post-press machining processes to achieve higher accuracy while lowering costs at the same time.

Friction Materials

Friction materials lie at the very core of clutch performance, remaining in the background while their quality determines performance. F.C.C. endeavors to develop cutting-edge friction materials to meet the needs of the times.

Production System

The F.C.C. production system integrates all processes from R&D of friction material to final assembly. Strict quality control and cost awareness are instilled not only in the development stage but also in all other product production processes including prototyping, testing, and production.