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Production System

The F.C.C. integrated production system covers all processes from development of friction materials to final assembly. This all-embracing capability is what empowers us to offer customers ways to meet their quality and cost requirements. Rigorous quality control and cost management are implanted not only in the development stage but in all stages of production including prototyping, testing, and mass production. What is more, we constantly seek ways to improve the current production system through tireless efforts expended for the sake of higher production efficiency. This corporate attitude permeates all of our production bases overseas so that we can supply to the world products of uniform quality no matter where they are produced.

Development Framework

Striving to Revolutionize R&D for Clutch Production, from Materials to Production Engineering

Friction materials are the core of clutch performance, and F.C.C.’s clutches have evolved based on the development of key technology, including research into these vital materials. F.C.C. only uses materials that comply with environmental regulations, in a production system that produces no waste in the clutch-forming process and keeps environmental impact to a minimum. Our R&D goes beyond the enhancement of clutch functions, extending to the engineering and equipment used in production. In our quest to manufacture clutches that satisfy customers for performance, quality, and price, we will always look one step ahead into the future and persist in our efforts at the forefront of clutch technology. We will push forward to revolutionize clutch technology, advancing projects that capitalize on proprietary technology accumulated through the development and manufacture of paper friction materials and engaging in joint development between industry and academia to enrich fundamental research.

Electronic Microscope with Elemental Analyzer

Mercury Penetration Pore Property Measurement Device

Tests to Support Reliable Performance under Extreme Conditions

F.C.C. conducts strict tests in the development stage for measuring the functional characteristics of clutches in every conceivable working environment. We perform a series of tests, including 1) numerous computer simulations of starting, running, and stopping; 2) running tests with a clutch onboard; and 3) tests under harsh conditions including high-speed endurance tests. Through these tests and simulations, we ensure that all clutches we supply exceed the thresholds for safety, thermal resistance, and abrasion resistance with room to spare and can meet detailed requirements, such as how the clutch feels in the operator’s hand.

SAE #2 tester

Dual-shaft Tester


Chassis Dynamo

R&D Division Main Building (Design and Test)

R&D Division Building #2 (Basic Research)

Production System

Corporate Efforts to Raise Productivity

To supply products of higher quality at better speed and lower cost, F.C.C. is promoting “production efficiency improvement activities,” intended for the pursuit of higher productivity and cost effectiveness beyond the current level of technology. Each staff member keeps a close eye on each process to see if there is any loss. In this way, F.C.C. constantly reviews the entire production line while making improvements.

Original Production Systems for High Efficiency and Quality

F.C.C. develops many of its production facilities in-house and builds production lines that achieve lower cost and higher quality. Among these facilities, F.C.C.’s original segment system has achieved a leap forward in clutch production efficiency. Pressure bonding of disc core plates with friction materials in tape form has expedited processes, raised speed, reduced waste, and significantly improved material yield compared with conventional punching dies. In addition, the system has helped considerably in curtailing delivery lead times and cost through a reduced number of machining processes brought about by improving press and die precisions. An integrated production line extending from the making of friction materials to pressed part production to final assembly achieves efficient production for the entire process.

Friction Material Paper-making Equipment

Segment Disc Manufacturing

One-shot Drawing of Clutch Guides for Automatic Transmissions

Welding Process for Automatic Transmission Clutch Guides

Automatic Subassembly Process for Motorcycle Clutch Ring Gears