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Product Policy

Pursuit of a single field allows the venturer to reach ground where others fail to follow. F.C.C. has dedicated some 70 years to a single functional part, “the clutch,” to become one of the few leading experts in this field. We are now taking our collective strength—forged through our creative ideas, distinguished technology, unparalleled production equipment, and uncompromising quality control—from Japan to the world, as we scale up the making of cutting-edge products to global level. F.C.C. keeps a close eye on the course of motorization in all of the world and pioneers new frontiers in bringing to the world the unseen and the unheard-of. The quest to make the ultimate product moves on at F.C.C., a company of which there is only one.

Product Supply Capability

As a manufacturer making clutches from start to finish—from research and development of Joining Technology to their final assembly, F.C.C. has built a global production system of 13 overseas facilities in 9 countries complementing our established bases in Japan.
F.C.C.’s clutches see wide use in motorcycles built by Japan’s leading manufacturers, including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki, and in rival bikes from well-known overseas manufacturers. We are proud that our products rank among the top internationally acclaimed clutches. In automobiles, almost all Honda cars with automatic transmissions shift their gears with the help of F.C.C. clutches.

World-standard Quality Assurance and Environmental Protection

To meet the arising market needs, F.C.C has demonstrated constant commitment to technological advancement and uses a rigorous system of quality control to assemble products accepted around the globe for their reliable quality.

Quality Assurance Certification

F.C.C. is persistent about maintaining a strict quality control system throughout the entire production process, from development of Joining Technology to assembly, and also promotes environmental management directed at achieving zero emissions, including energy conservation and paperless operations. We realize products that are friendly to people and the environment and offered from a global standpoint while also respecting the environmental standards of specific locales. In this way, we can ensure high-level, proven quality practices. The F.C.C. Group has earned certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949, and QS9000.