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Automobiles Clutches

Automatic Transmissions Clutches

Gear shift shock has been greatly reduced through the use of Joining Technology that are highly resistant to judder and heat, and by redesigning the groove shape of the segment disc for higher friction performance.

For Planetary Gear Automatic Transmissions

Wet-type multi-disc double clutches
(6,200 to 6,700 cc)

These space-saving, high-capacity clutches come equipped with a double-clutch mechanism. They employ aluminum die-cast pistons and a flow-formed guide.

For Parallel-Axis Gear Automatic Transmissions

Wet-type multi-disc type triple clutches
(3,200 to 3,500 cc)

These compact triple clutches add a low-hold function through a small-capacity engine clutch housed in a double-clutch structure and designed to support engine braking.

Wet-type multi-disc type double clutches
(660 to 3,500 cc)

A wave plate and newly developed parallel groove disc combine to achieve a large reduction in drag torque (60% less than our conventional products).

CVT clutches

These clutches contribute to improved CVT fuel efficiency and offer a smooth start and acceleration feeling.

Starting clutches for CVTs
(1,100 to 1,700 cc)

Adopting Joining Technology with excellent thermal properties and featuring enhanced resistance against judder and continuous slip, these clutches offer smooth starting and acceleration without comprising on drive. Mileage is also improved.

Forward clutches
(2,000 to 2,400 cc)

These compact shaft-integrated clutches employ material with a high friction coefficient.

Torque Converter Lockup Clutches

The newly developed lockup mechanism transmits engine output to the drive shaft more reliably even at low speeds. These clutches come at an economical price while providing excellent resistance to heat and abrasion.

Lockup clutches for torque converters
(660 to 3,500 cc)

Equipped with an arc-type long-torsion spring, these clutches make large strides in improved fuel efficiency by locking at low speeds.

Lockup clutches for torque converters
(3,000 to 3,700 cc)

Designed with a short straight-type torsion spring, these clutches offer ample damper capacity at an economy price.

Manual Transmission Clutches

F.C.C.’s clutches for manual transmissions achieve greater rotational strength at lower cost through the use of two-sided double-layer facings (friction and reinforcement materials). Their damper mechanisms greatly reduce torque fluctuation from the engine and ensure brisk starts with smooth shifting.

Push-type dry single-disc clutches
(660 to 2,400 cc)

These clutches feature a push-type pressure disc, a damper mechanism for reducing transmission noise, and high-strength material with a high friction coefficient, to deliver high speed and high output at a low cost.

Pull-type dry single-disc clutches
(2,200 cc)

With the aid of a pull-type pressure disc for load-efficient clutch handling, these light compact clutches are ideal for uses requiring high speed and high output.

Clutches for 4WD Vehicles

Developed for efficient, real-time 4WD vehicles, these clutches can be used with engines with displacements ranging from small to large.

4WD changeover differential clutches
(1,300 to 3,000 cc)

These clutches ensure seamless switching between front and rear wheel drives in real-time 4WD vehicles and transmit the precise drive force to the wheels.