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Motorcycles Clutches

F.C.C. provides a wide variety of clutches fitting customers’ needs for engines ranging in size from 50 cc to over 2,000 cc and mounted on business-use motorcycles, scooters, road sports bikes, ATVs, and racing vehicles. Belt converter pulleys developed for scooters fit engines from 50 cc to 650 cc.

Multi-disc clutches

Wet-type multi-disc clutches for dual clutch transmissions

Designed for dual clutch transmissions in motorcycles, these products are composed of two hydraulic clutches operating separately for odd and even gears.
The Joining Technology selected for their ideal properties for hydraulic clutches produce seamless gear changes.

Wet-type multi-disc assist and slipperTM clutches

these compact, lightweight clutches with an aluminum cam construction are capable of reducing lever control force and the back torque caused by sudden engine braking.

Wet-type centrifugal clutches

Designed to capture the centrifugal force from engine rotation, these starting clutches have found use in a wide variety of vehicles, from compact vehicles for business use to large model ATVs.

Dry centrifugal clutches

As devices for harnessing the centrifugal force of engine rotation, these starting clutches for belt converters are used in scooters, covering the complete range of sizes.

Pulleys for belt converters

Driving and driven pulleys transmit precise engine torque to belts in scooters ranging in size from 50 cc to 650 cc.

Clutches for racing

These clutches are equipped with a limiter for reducing the back torque caused by sudden engine braking. Their innovative design provides greater flexibility in setting the limiter and improves serviceability.